Monday, January 23, 2012


For the last few months I have been SEARCHING like a maniac for fabulous vintage posters to decorate my simplistic bedroom and my newly renovated work space. I've had my eye on a few Vogue posters from the 50's and 60's. But lets face it, with school starting again in a few weeks, gorgeous vintage decorations should be the last expenditure on my mind. Instead, I opted to downloading a gorgeous Vogue image from a 1950 magazine cover to my phone.

This little measly photo obviously has not satisfied my vintage vogue desires so I was ELATED when I found a blog that highlights vintage vogue magazines from around the world. I immediately followed the blog and after spending a large portion of my day perusing the entries I came across a copy of US Vogue from August of 1974. The cover girl of this magazine was none other than the infamous diva BEVERLY JOHNSON! After seeing the post highlighting this issue of the magazine I immediately got silent and nearly blinded myself trying to peer as deeply into the images as humanly possible. I think I was trying to teleport myself back in time. Or maybe it was more like a blues clues scene where I thought if I got close enough I could just jump right into the FABULOSITY displayed before me.

To my eventual dismay, I went nowhere, so here I sit, on the couch, blogging. Luckily for you though, in my boredom, I have some wonderful high fashion vogue images for you my readers to gaze at. Check them out below.

Editorial highlighting effective methods for styling looks for evening events
Model: Charyl Stember

Casual Chic: editorial spread displaying two-piece outfit styling using skirts as a key must-have piece.
Models: Renee Russo and Susan Bottomly

Casual Chic: Additional two-piece styling

Editorial with fabulous vintage coat styling tips
Models: Karen Bjornson and Chris Royer

I know you must be gushing right now. Now you understand my obsession. Remember that these still fashion tips still apply. Vogue knew what they were doing even back in the day
Elan <3

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