Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

I've dubbed today DOOMSDAY!!!
Yesterday was the unofficial last day of summer and the weather already sucks. The forecast for today calls for a 100% chance of rain, 84% humidity, and highs are expected to be in the mid to upper 60s. If this isn't foreshadowing another upcoming natural disaster (or at least a crappy season), then I don't know what is. Despite the gloomy skies, here are some fun rainy day outfit ideas to get you through the rest of the rainy week.

Classic Rain Boots
As the name implies, classic rain boots are perfect for rainy weather. Pair boots with long socks or legwarmers to keep your legs dry and warm. And luckily, this sensible look also offers a funky contrast. For warmer weather rainy days, add a floral dress. During colder days add a bright contrasting colored jacket, blazer, or cardi to give a pop of color and brighten the dark skies. Wearing color, you will definitely stand out in the usual rainy day sea of black and gray.


Short "Rain-Proof" Boots
If you don't own a pair of classic rain boots, don't fret or settle for walking in puddles on rainy days. You can find a killer pair of boots just about everywhere during any season. Short boots are best so your feet don't get too hot or sweaty from rain humidity. Depending on your style, look for something with a neutral color so that you can pair them with any rainy day outfit. OR...opt for a funky design so that this piece can be the highlight of your outfit from season to season.



Although not particularly rain proof, you will be happy to have this outerwear piece when the wind starts blowing or your umbrella decides that one segment of your person isn't worth keeping dry.If the dreary weather has you in a fashion slump, a poncho with a design will be the perfect escape from forcing your creative juices to get flowing. Pair with shorts and tall rain boots on warm days or jeans and short "rain-proof" footwear on colder days.


Leather Jacket
Since the weather in DC/Baltimore calls for rain and cold weather all week, a leather bomber may be just what you need. Although most who strut the streets of the area don't usually consider September an appropriate time to break out this cold weather essential, this week may be an exception. Pair with a maxi skirt to keep your legs dry from the showers and a pair of short boots to prevent puddles from becoming your worst nightmare.


Floppy Hat
Let's not mention the completely fabulous feeling that comes with donning one of these timeless style trademarks, but a floppy hat makes a week full of rain bearable. Other than the obvious function of keeping your head dry from mother natures tears, this chic head covering will keep your precious locks "frizz-free" (for the most part), and cover up any damage the rain may have caused to your hair (in a 70's fashion icon sort of way). Wear with any of the above listed looks and feel sexy in the rain all day.


Hopefully these looks inspire creativity and the color bug spreads through the rain this week!!!

Stay Dry and Stay Fly my vintage fashionistas...
smooches <3

I Can See Right Through You

After staying up until 2am a few nights ago attempting to be creative, I must repeatedly remind myself that I am not a designer, nor do own enough band-aids to heal any self-inflicted injuries caused by a needle and thread. I have been lusting after the sheer maxi skirt trend all summer but since I still have yet to find the perfect item in any retail establishments I decided that getting my creative juices was the only way to go. I even went as far as to scour the fabric store for the perfect color and texture for this AMAZING diy piece in my imagination. Long story short it was an UTTER FAIL!!! My next plan is to beg someone to use their own talents to make my summer long dream a reality. To hold me over until my perfect outfit comes to fruition, I found these FABULOUS looks.


Get out there and motivate yourself to get creative. If you have needle and thread handy, GET TO WORK!!! Just make sure you re-stock your first aid kit and learn from my tragic mistakes.

smooches <3

Thursday, September 1, 2011


So I'm officially back from my unnecessarily extended hiatus. The summer is over and so is my free time. My days are now occupied by 8 hour work days in an awkwardly professional environment and my insistence on taking 19 credits this semester at school. Instead of just telling you lovely readers about my life sporadically, I have to pencil in time to blog. Since school is back in session I have this new obsession for uniform inspired clothing. The best way to style with classic pieces is to be OUTRAGEOUS and take these classic pieces to the next level. Here are the trends that inspired my outfits for the first few days of school...










I hope these looks inspire you to get into school/work mode and out of the "end of summer fashion rut"!!! Check back tomorrow to see my version of the looks!
sm00ches ~ELAN~

(Now off to class to dream about magical wardrobe creations... )