Friday, January 6, 2012

The Art of Vintage

Yesterday I had an epic adventure in the city with one of my besties. She's a soon-to-be marketing exec (one of these days) and super artsy too. We found a free art gallery in the heart of Adams Morgan, one of our favorite DC neighborhoods. The District of Columbia Arts Center has a hidden entrance on 18th street and a quaint second floor gallery. The exhibit on display was "Blues and Other Colors" and it ends on Jan. 8th so hurry and go check it out.

DC Arts Center Entrance
The Blues and Other Colors Exhibit
Second Floor Gallery
Exhibit Currently on Display
DC Arts Center Exhibit
After the bestie got her creative fix we strolled 18th street searching for fabulous happy hour specials. We got distracted when we spotted a boutique that we have passed on our many trips to the city but never got a chance to explore. We entered Violet boutique which is located on 18th street excitedly. Upon entering the store, the fabulous sales girls greeted us and were super friendly. They commented on my Litas which made me blush (yes, black girls do blush, on the inside) so I knew this boutique had something for me. Violet opened in March of 2011 and is nearing their one year anniversary. The had an awesome $10 rack where I found an AMAZING pair of deep blue printed pants with an aztec inspired pattern. The store also houses a vintage rack called La Petite Marmoset Vintage by designer Katherine Martinez. The items here are fantastic and you should definitely check this place out.

Violet Boutique Storefront
La Petite Marmoset Vintage in Violet Boutique
LPM Vintage Rack
LPM Vintage Collection
After heading to one of our favorite happy hour spots on u street called Alero, we drove around the city to kill some time before a $1 open mic event called "Spit Dat" began. The boy met up with us by then and chauffeured the bestie and I around. When the boy spotted a window on N street with ARTS plastered on it, and garments hanging from the walls, I practically jumped out of the car. It turned out to be a workspace for upcoming designers called a Fashion Incubator. Even though the space was technically closed a super friendly intern and aspiring designer named Ade let us in to talk about the space. The space is funded by the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce and the DC Fashion Foundation to support the local fashion industry of the city. Filled with sewing machines and storage for fabric and supplies, the space is offered free of charge to designers with serious interest who apply. Pretty cool huh?

DC Fashion Incubator on N Street
Saying that my day was eventful is an understatement so I won't even try to define it. If your feeling artsy or creative check out some of these spots. The best thing is that they're FREE (unless you get tempted at Violet Boutique).

Elan <3

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