Saturday, August 25, 2012

San Fran: The Experience

My trip started rocky and ended equally as difficult but the experience was completely worth the stress. My sorors made the trip worth while. We had an unforgettable time in a city we were able to explore together. From airline troubles to the funky pink and green looks we put together to the city wide experiences, we bonded and have crazy insane stories to tell. Check out the pictures below for a final recap of my fabulous trip.

Traveling in style with my go to vintage duffle and my JC Nightwalks
Boarding Passes Galore

My mentor

Bernice King speaking at the opening of the Unsung Sorors of the Civil Rights Movement

My new Pink and Green stash

As I've said over and over again this trip to San Francisco was fabulous. All of the images from the previous blog post are just a simple display of the fun I had. Check out the blog soon for updates from my trip to Guyana, South America.

Elan <3

Friday, August 24, 2012

San Fran: The Vintage

Since I'm obsessed with vintage you know I had to roll through some oldies spots while I was in San Fran. I spent maybe 3 or 4 days checking out the various shops in the city that sold vintage duds. I'm now obsessed with the idea of moving to the west coast to settle down in San Francisco so that should explain how successful my vintage adventures were in the city. I stopped by too many shops to remember but when I wasn't memorized by the flapper dresses from the 20s or the printed wiggle dresses from the 50s I did manage to take a few pictures. After seeing a few glimpses of the vintage fashions in San Fran you'll be ready to book your plane ticket tomorrow.

I didn't initially get the double meaning of the name of the shop
once I saw this it all made sense

My finds

A hippies shopping capital

The goods that made it home

Accessories complete everything

Your eyes aren't fooling you...YSL it is

San Fran even had awesome goods for the boy too

This was probably the most exciting part of my trip...OBVIOUSLY!!! Since it was such a fabulous experience overall check out tomorrows post with the final pictures from my San Francisco trip.

Elan <3

Thursday, August 23, 2012

San Fran: The Shopping

Shopping!!! Shopping!!! Shopping!!! I couldn't get enough of the freaking shopping in San Fran. Other than New York I have never been to another city that had such an abundance of shopping all in one area. There were high end design studios and local boutiques right next to one another. The best part about this awesome fashion  yummy-ness was the fact that it was mere blocks from my hotel room (which President Obama happened to be staying at too). Check out some of the fab places I saw and the temptations that I (mostly) resisted. Enjoy and lust with me.

Even though there was shopping everywhere ya'll know I had to feature the vintage goods in the city. Check out tomorrow's post for a special treat from my San Francisco travels.

Elan <3

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

San Fran: The City

Recently I went to San Francisco for my sorority's biannual conference. Obviously my lack of blog post must show that I had a BLAST!!! It was my first time in California and I surprisingly fell in love with the west coast. There were plenty of vegan and vegetarian eateries so I was more than satisfied. Things got better when I realized how fantastic the vintage options were. From thrift to consignment to vintage shops I fell deeper and deeper in love. The laid back attitude of San Fran residents was right up my alley. They were all so friendly and casual. It might have had something to do with the plethora of herbal dispensaries but I still can't wait to go back. Until then I'll just share a few snaps from my travels. ENJOY!!!

I stepped out of the hotel on day 1 and this is what I looked up to

View from our room
City Life
I might need to add an accent to my name
West Coast Life
There were markets everywhere with semi-fresh produce
I was in such awe
How often do you see furniture hanging out of buildings?
Nuff Said

Our Tour Bus
Our Tour Guide

I could relocate here tomorrow if need be

Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39


As you can see...I had a FABULOUS time! Check back tomorrow to see more snap shots from the trip.

Elan <3