Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lady Sings the 'Vintage' Blues

Lately at work, my days have gone by quickly because of the new trick I learned. MUSIC! Who would have thought that soothing tunes blaring through my headphones would do the trick. So now-a-days, as soon as I plop down in my standard desk chair, my high tech ear buds are strategically placed for the majority of the day.
As you would expect, my love of vintage extends well beyond fashion & resides in the world of music too. My faithful go-to station is "Billie Holiday Radio" Some of my favorite artists that frequent this station are Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Eartha Kitt, Doris Day, and Sarah Vaughan. But obviously, Billie Holiday is hands down one of my favorites.

Not only does she hold this #1 spot because of her angelic musical talents, but also because of her glorious fashion sense. Below are some gorgeous images only fit for a vintage diva. See if you can handle it.

Fabulous Off the Shoulder Gown
Divine Sweetheart Cut Strapless Dress with Flower Detail
Young Billie Holiday Styled in a LBD
Simplistic Collared Blouse and High Waist Skirt
Gorgeous Fur and Beaded Cap

Whoever says floral hairpieces are a modern look has overlooked Billie Holiday's infamous signature style. A flower pinned to the side of her flawless updo. Doesn't it make you want to start up a DIY project right now?
Get some inspiration from the wonderful looks below.

photo source can be found here

Trying to digest all of Billie Holiday's sexy vintage style reminded me that I haven't seen one of my favorite movies in months. "Lady Sings the Blues" was released in 1972 starring one of my other favorites Diana Ross and I can't get enough of it. This film is now on my wish list for the boy so hopefully this post nudges him a little more and reminds him of the hints I left in his email inbox.

Diana Ross in the 1972 film "Lady Sings the Blues"
If your not on vintage overload yet, take some time to listen to some of Billie Holiday's classic tracks.
Elan <3


  1. I LOVE listening to this bluesy jazz. Especially, Louis and Billie!

    xo Victoria

    1. They are the greats!!! Can't get enough of their tunes :)

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you tonight at the CapFABB meetup.
    Please follow my blog at www.inheritedstyle.blogspot.com

    Look forward to the next CapFABB event.

    1. It was great meeting you too. Can't wait for the next amazing event!

  3. The lady with the trumpet ("Young Billie Holiday Styled in a LBD") is NOT BILLIE HOLIDAY!!!!

    It's Donald Byrd's wife, more info here: