Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't Be Square, Come a-Round to Vintage this Year

People always tell me that they love vintage fashions and are dying to get into wearing more vintage pieces. Well here's your chance. You've already made your New Year's Resolutions, so add some fashion changes to your to-do list. Here are some simple ways to try vintage without building a time machine.

Go All Out Vintage
Instead of just mixing new and old, vow to rock an entire ensemble from decades past. Try a blazer from the 80s, a funky dress from the 70s. Top off your look with chunky vintage jewelry. Use a vintage belt to spruce up your look and try a mix of oversized and fitted pieces to master the art of vintage layering. Vintage pieces are super funky so be careful to not style yourself in too many bold pieces. You don't want anyone to mistaken you for an 80s party host.

Channel A Vintage Style Icon
You don't have to wait until a costume party to dress like your favorite vintage glamor girl. Watch a movie staring a fabulous style icon to get some extra inspiration. If you prefer a classic vintage style find inspiration in Audrey Hepburn's simple flirty style. Try Diane Keaton for menswear inspiration. If you want to stand out, take tips from Diana Ross for a glamorous effect. Debbie Harry as style inspiration is perfect for the wild child fashionista. Mix modern and vintage pieces to emulate the style of one of the greats.

Audrey Hepburn
Diane Keaton
Diana Ross
Debbie Harry

Be a Copy Cat
We all come across fabulous runway looks as we peruse magazine's and online sources. Instead of just lusting after these looks for a few moments and then diverting your attention to the H&M catalog, save the image. We know your new years resolution budget won't allow any couture pieces (except that great pair of shoes you always splurge on). Try to use vintage pieces to copy the look. Head to your local vintage, consignment, or thrift store with the image in tow (either a cut out, a print out, or saved on your phone). Think about the shape and color of each piece and go hunting. Even if the look is not exact, you'll be able to flaunt around in a "designer inspired" look. Check out my A Love Letter to Color post for details on the look below.

Shop Vintage
  1. Shop Vintage Stores Online
  2. Support Local Shop Owners
  3. Check out a Thrift Store
DIY Vintage
Not all vintage is made one size fits all. Some vintage styles have super outdated elements that your modern style eye may not agree with. Simple solution. Alter it. Here are some simple DIY suggestions to get you started.
  1. Add/Remove Shoulder Pads: if you come across a fabulous vintage dress with crazy shoulder pads installed, cut them out.
  2. Tailor It: Instead of paying your local seamstress to take in that awesome vintage blouse hanging in your closet, DIY. Why pay $5-$10 for something you can do yourself? Sorry, that's my broke college student rationalization. Even if you don't have magnificent sewing skills, you can make a few stitches. Check out youtube for some tips. 
  3. Stud It: if a solid colored vintage blazer is a little to plain for your dramatic fashion sense, add studs to it. You can find studs in numerous shapes and colors at craft stores or even on ebay.
Check Out This YouTube video for a DIY Studded Collar Tutorial

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