Saturday, August 25, 2012

San Fran: The Experience

My trip started rocky and ended equally as difficult but the experience was completely worth the stress. My sorors made the trip worth while. We had an unforgettable time in a city we were able to explore together. From airline troubles to the funky pink and green looks we put together to the city wide experiences, we bonded and have crazy insane stories to tell. Check out the pictures below for a final recap of my fabulous trip.

Traveling in style with my go to vintage duffle and my JC Nightwalks
Boarding Passes Galore

My mentor

Bernice King speaking at the opening of the Unsung Sorors of the Civil Rights Movement

My new Pink and Green stash

As I've said over and over again this trip to San Francisco was fabulous. All of the images from the previous blog post are just a simple display of the fun I had. Check out the blog soon for updates from my trip to Guyana, South America.

Elan <3

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