Wednesday, August 22, 2012

San Fran: The City

Recently I went to San Francisco for my sorority's biannual conference. Obviously my lack of blog post must show that I had a BLAST!!! It was my first time in California and I surprisingly fell in love with the west coast. There were plenty of vegan and vegetarian eateries so I was more than satisfied. Things got better when I realized how fantastic the vintage options were. From thrift to consignment to vintage shops I fell deeper and deeper in love. The laid back attitude of San Fran residents was right up my alley. They were all so friendly and casual. It might have had something to do with the plethora of herbal dispensaries but I still can't wait to go back. Until then I'll just share a few snaps from my travels. ENJOY!!!

I stepped out of the hotel on day 1 and this is what I looked up to

View from our room
City Life
I might need to add an accent to my name
West Coast Life
There were markets everywhere with semi-fresh produce
I was in such awe
How often do you see furniture hanging out of buildings?
Nuff Said

Our Tour Bus
Our Tour Guide

I could relocate here tomorrow if need be

Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39


As you can see...I had a FABULOUS time! Check back tomorrow to see more snap shots from the trip.

Elan <3

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