Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Little Style Makes the Holiday Right


I hope you scoured the malls and vintage shops using the gift ideas from my "Give a Little Vintage Cheer" post and found the perfect items for everyone on your holiday gift list. I too was one of the unlikely masses standing in 30 minute long lines hoping to put a smile on the faces of my loved ones. By 2 o'clock pm I finally unloaded my car and did my happy dance singing "I did it, I did it, I did it yay". (in my Dora the Explorer voice of course)

Since the boy bailed on me this year to hang with his family (yea I'm a little salty) our Wrapping and Wine tradition is a no-go. Instead I've resorted to pizza, holiday music, and blogging. I have so much time on my hands and holiday inspiration from the tunes blaring throughout the house that I've come up with some last minute holiday look essentials. Hope these vintage must haves make holiday styling much easier.


Say Merry Christmas with pouty red lips. Instead of wiping your cheeks from the lipstick of grandmothers and aunts, mark them with your favorite shade of red. Don't be afraid to pair this bold lip color with other holiday inspired attire. No need to be matchy matchy. Holidays are for extra-ness!!! Take tips from Jennifer Hudson, Kourtney Kardashian, and Rosario Dawson for some holiday inspiration.



Who woulda thought baby blue to be a holiday color? It didn't start with me. Take advice from Diana Ross The Diva. Accessorize your holiday look with baby blue jewelry. Style yourself in blue on blue in contrasting shades. or pair with red. Have a holiday blast.

Diana Ross, 1978



How many holiday outfits do you remember wearing as a kid with lace? Well personally I can't remember a year I went without it. So why change the tradition. Wear your grown up lace dress with tights and a cardi to keep you warm. Try holiday colored lace to combine all holiday inspiration in one. If opting for winter white lace pair your look with bold accessories.


Available at Asos
Get in the holiday spirit as you prepare for tomorrow!!! Happy Holiday's!!!
Elan <3

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