Friday, December 30, 2011

Fabulous for Free

Who likes free stuff??? (*raises hand eagerly*) Me! Me! I do! I know all of you guys do too.
Since UMBC tuition has robbed me of any youthful luxuries, free or dirt cheap is the only way I get to participate in activities or go to events now-a-days. If you didn't know before, I am addicted to obsessions and I am just as obsessed with free event websites as I am to vintage. One of my favorite go-to bloggers is Free In Dc. This blog is full of free or almost free events in the DC area ranging from art to theater to nightlife. On Tuesday I planned an eventful evening with the boy and my partners in crime. We went to Tryst in Adams Morgan where they had a live jazz event from 8-10 and then went a few blocks away to the Source Theater on 14th street to an Improv show that started at 10.

Since I found such amazing FREE activities, I figured that it was only fitting to wear an expensive looking vintage outfit. Little did anyone know, I styled myself on a budget as usual. Here's what I wore to strut around the nighttime streets of DC. Who says having fun and being fly has to be expensive? Not ER Vintage!

Vintage Tweed Blazer & Sheer Leopard Button Shirt
Harem Pants from H&M
Red Turban (I was having a bad hair day)
Vintage Belt & Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag
Steve Madden Booties (stole them from sissy...shhhhh)

be fabulous vintage divas (and do it for cheap)
Elan <3


  1. Hey girl I remember you! It was great meeting you at the blogger meetup at madewell. Cant wait to see you at the lady bloggers event