Friday, December 23, 2011

Hippie's Get Cold Too

Guess What!!! I got a head start on my Christmas shopping!!! Aren't you guys proud of me? (*waits for applause*) Well I'm proud of me. Even though I only bought one gift and everything else is for the new and improved store. (*ducks and hides from tomato throwing*)

Ok so here's what I wore. Not really holiday inspired but definitely a fantastic winter weather look. Hope you like!!!

Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag
Vintage Necklaces

Vintage Coach & Floral Jeffry Campbell Litas

Turban Headband (DIY)

Turban Headband - DIY
Chain Necklace - Vintage
Heart Necklace - Vintage
Knit Sweater -Thrifted
Shoulder Bag - Vintage Coach
Jeans (super faded now) - H&M
Boots - Floral Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Elan <3

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