Thursday, December 22, 2011

Give a Little Vintage Cheer

Ok. I have a serious problem with procrastination. This semester I waited until the night before to write papers and study for finals. Even worse, sometimes I wouldn't start until the day everything was due. I know. HORRIBLE!!! Anyway, school is over for the semester (*disco dance*) but my procrastination has not improved. Although I've been planning for Christmas gifts since the beginning of November, I have a confession: I still have yet to get ANYONE a gift. I feel like a real jerk. But with working getting in the way of my holiday planning, I decided to come up with some plan B's while in the office. I have a solid plan for what items I need to search for to make everyone on my list. Another confession (*inhales deeply*): I probably won't tackle this list until Christmas Eve. (*waits for screams of holiday horror*) I know. I know!!!

Vintage Aprons

Gorgeous flirty vintage aprons are perfect for any chef on your list. Mom, Aunt, and Grandma will love unwrapping this gift on Christmas day. Even though Audrey Hepburn was obviously to fabulous to rock this style in the kitchen, wearing these magnificent aprons will trigger that infamous I Love Lucy style.

Audrey Hepburn

I Love Lucy

Available Here

Available Here

Vintage Luggage

Vintage luggage is perfect for any traveler on your list. Unlike the modern black luggage seen in traditional stores, vintage luggage has character. Depending on the size of luggage, it can be used for frequent travelers who need packing room for a few nights or for those who have extended stays.

colorful luggage is perfect for making bold statements. Bold individuals can rock this style the best.
vintage luggage sets are perfect

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Vintage Ties

The fabulous men and bold women on your list will be so excited to unwrap this gift they will be trying them on immediately. Try styling the men or women on your list based on their own personal style and don't be afraid to push them toward bold styles, they are vintage after all!!!

Available Here

Vintage Handbags

Your sister or BFF will fall in love with this gift and might even find a new passion for vintage. Vintage handbags and purses are perfect for all occasions and every outfit.

Available Here
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Hopefully these ideas will get your vintage imagination flowing.
Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Elan <3

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  1. Amazing post!!! And yes, I do agree, there is something quite flirty about aprons... :-)