Monday, June 20, 2011

Wrapped Around My Head

Headbands are the classic FUN accessory suitable for 2 year olds & 22 year olds alike. Whether they have huge satin flowers attached or are covered with patterned scarves they serve as the perfect addition to a simple t shirt & jeans or a chic cover up for a bad hair day. Over the seasons, prominent designers have introduced variations of this timeless piece. For S/S 2011, fabulous TURBANS conveniently complete the season's 70's and rustic bohemian inspired trends. Add a printed turban headband to accessorize a pair of high waist shorts & a v-neck top with flared sleeves. Also, the intricately styled knotted turban completes the maxi skirt trend.

Everything has a VINTAGE INSPIRATION!!!

Lana Turner in the Postman Always Rings Twice - 1940s

My gorgeous friend Ashley has an AMAZING collection of vibrantly colored turbans. Check them out...

Urbane Natural Turban

Since I’m addicted to Ebay I had to find a fabulous vintage inspired style
Frolic Vintage Turban Headbands
AND, if you’re really ballin’…here you go…

Miuccia Prada Spring 2007 Silk Turbans
Just like classic headbands, it’s hard to find just one that fits every style so get creative. Especially if you have extra time on your hands because the economy hates you like it seems to hate me, MAKE YOUR OWN! Find a great scarf and experiment with different style knots to fit your personal style.

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