Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home Is Where The Rack Is...

I have adopted three new homes to satisfy my vintage addiction.

1. Thrift/Consignment Stores

If my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum, I would be spending my Saturday date nights dancing with vintage racks to the Latin tracks bellowing through the speakers overhead.

Value Village/Unique
10121 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20903

This location is AMAZING!!! It is a dual store with a Unique and Value Village in the same building. These stores are both massive and are overwhelming. Although usually busy and packed, I am always able to push through the aisles and leave with the greatest items.

Value Village and Unique Thrift Store

Regal Rags
626 Admiral Dr # B Annapolis, MD 21401

I found this consignment store during a family day in Annapolis. We drove past a small shopping center and I saw a sign that I excitedly thought said “VEGETARIAN” so I convinced my Dad to turn. Since my sister is a jerk she quickly noted that the sign said “VETERINARIAN” instead. We noticed a consignment store and decided to go there to save me from some of my embarrassment. This store has very high end clothing and but the value and condition of the vintage items is wonderful.

2. Other people's closets

AUNT MARIE!!!Charlotte, NC

The majority if not all of my vintage costume jewelry has come from her elaborate collection. She was obviously one fly momma back in her hay day so she graciously provides me with the necessary tools to carry on the family tradition. Every time I visit, I conveniently leave extra room in my suitcase for the fabulous finds that I'm guaranteed to walk away with.

These are some of my favorites pieces...

Three ethnic inspired rope necklaces

Multicolored Beaded Rope Necklace

Belt turned necklace

silver, cream, and printed beaded necklace

Green and Purple Jagged Wooden Necklaces

My MommyBowie, MD

I get my youthful fashion sense from my fabulous mother. Although she didn’t think about passing her style down to me 10 years earlier when she conveniently got rid of a large portion of her closet, I still have found some wonderful blazers, blouses, and jewelry.

This is one of the wonderful blazers I got from my mom...

Collarless Turquoise Blazer with Detailed Gold Buttons

3. Ebay

The genius who developed this website concept had my likes & dislikes in mind. I have a shopping addiction but I hate spending countless hours in the mall trying on clothes only to settle for something that doesn't quite satisfy my fashion urges. Through ebay the solution is simple. As a veteran ebay shopper I have recently developed an interest in selling too. Although my ebay store isn't quite set up yet, I have been working tirelessly to provide the best vintage ebay experience imaginable.

These are my favorite…

Trendsetter Vintage

Twitch Vintage

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