Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fall 2013 RTW: Anna Sui

Complete with the old school pop runway music and the background dancer choreography, Anna Sui's Fall 2013 runway transformed to a soundstange from the 60's.The incredible details in the show epitomized the flavor and funk of the time period. From the reflection sunglasses, the tights, and the kneesocks, the accessories in the show made a huge splash - of color that is (ok that was corny). After seeing this magical show, the fashion world will forever remember the perfect skirts, intricate waistcoats, and one-pieces that are so specific to the era. See some of my favorite looks in the recap below. Feel free to leave a comment telling me if this collection makes your heart skip a beat and which look you like the most.

Photo Credit here
Elan <3

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