Friday, February 22, 2013

Beauty and Vintage

The best collaborations are those that produce fantastic products. Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to work with Ashley over at Urbane Natural. She is an amazingly talented blogger who has the best hair care tips and is the owner of Mahogany Queen an amazing hair product line. Obviously Ashley is the gal to whip your locks into shape. So what do you get when you pair up a beauty expert with a vintage shop owner and style models with fab hair products and funky vintage threads...? Well obviously a fab-tastic photoshoot! We (and by "we" I mean Ashley, who also triples as a photog) took some shots at a fantastic location and had a blast. Check out some of the images below and let us know what you think.

Shop the Silk Turban Wrap here and the Purple Kaftan here

Shot the Abstract Print Blazer here and the Magenta Escada Pencil Skirt here

Shop the Silk Turban Wrap here and the Floral Kimono here

Shop the Multicolored Abstract Print Blazer here

Shop the Silk Turban Wrap here

Shop the Blue Abstract Print Jacket here

Photo Credits: c/o Ashley Patrice

Elan <3

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