Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sins of Style

Last weekend I got my fashion fix at the UMBC annual fashion show. The show was cosponsored by the Enigma Artists Society and the Black Student Union. It was fantastic to finally be an audience member and take a break after 3 years from being a model in the show. The theme of the show this year was Seven Deadly Sins...and it was FABULOUS!!! If you missed it here's a recap!

The pride scene started out with some pretty fantastic choreography as usual and the models were styled in an array of unique purple velvet body suits.

The 2nd scene was pretty exciting as the models walked down the runway in true Victoria's Secret Angel style. Each model represented a different food item including the sweetest candies.

During the envy scene, audience members were definitely envious of of the sexy neon green pieces worn by the girls and the classic prep styles worn by the guys on the runway.

The sequin and metallic looks that came down the runway during this scene illustrated true fabulosity. Not to mention the fact that the models looked super glamorous and EXPENSIVE!!!

The performance during intermission was pretty rad too!!!

The lust scene started out with some pretty intense choreography. The annual tradition of providing the audience with a super frisky scene continued this year too. Being in the audience made me realize how intense similar scenes have been all the years I was backstage. Despite a few wardrobe malfunctions, the models brought it in this scene with sequins and washboard abs.

With Bruno Mars blaring through the speakers, the male models lounged around with avant garde looks and strolled down the runway like they walked out of GQ scene.

The finale scene started out with choreography and was fabulous as usual. With hardcore poses and bomb fashions, this scene ended the night perfectly. What else says wrath more than red, spandex, and leather. 

The terrific sponsors summed up the performance with their thank yous and rocked pretty jaw-dropping looks. Fia even sported an Elan Renegade Vintage dress up for grabs here

Check back soon to see what I found backstage behind the scenes

Elan <3

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