Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Face In DC Mag

Since I'm new to the blogging game, I try to go to as many fashion networking events as I can and meet as many people as humanly possible. At these fabulous events there is such an abundance of one-of-a-kind fashion that photos are snapped nonstop. By frequenting so many events, my face finally popped up somewhere that I'm actually pretty psyched about. I'm in the March issue of DC Modern Luxury Magazine. On page 108 to be exact. It's not quite a feature, but as a newbie blogger I'm pretty excited about it nonetheless.

DC Modern Luxury Magazine (March Issue)

Page 108

"Networking in Style" Section

If you missed it...this is how it went down

My face!!! AND my name!!! (o yea...& Nikki too)

Ok. I'm a little to excitable right now...I know
You can check out a digital copy of the magazine here

Elan <3

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