Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Can See Right Through You

After staying up until 2am a few nights ago attempting to be creative, I must repeatedly remind myself that I am not a designer, nor do own enough band-aids to heal any self-inflicted injuries caused by a needle and thread. I have been lusting after the sheer maxi skirt trend all summer but since I still have yet to find the perfect item in any retail establishments I decided that getting my creative juices was the only way to go. I even went as far as to scour the fabric store for the perfect color and texture for this AMAZING diy piece in my imagination. Long story short it was an UTTER FAIL!!! My next plan is to beg someone to use their own talents to make my summer long dream a reality. To hold me over until my perfect outfit comes to fruition, I found these FABULOUS looks.


Get out there and motivate yourself to get creative. If you have needle and thread handy, GET TO WORK!!! Just make sure you re-stock your first aid kit and learn from my tragic mistakes.

smooches <3

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